Emotional intelligence


I first heard this phrase a few years ago and I admit that I did not fully understand what it meant, or recognize the importance of the so-called EQ.

Everyone knows what IQ is and has heard about the results of one person or another, as if a figure can determine if a person is smart or not based on some factors, but of course I have never doubted that. After all as something is confirmed by many people it cannot be false and it probably is, but I soon realized that these figures which determine our so-called intelligence, no matter how up on the scale are nothing compared to the emotional intelligence!

But what is it exactly? And is it really that important? If we follow the dry definition- emotional intelligence is “the ability to perceive, assess and manage their emotions, to distinguish different emotions and to name and define correctly, as well as to use emotional information so that thinking and behavior be controlled. Sounds a little bit complicated, doesn’t it?

In fact, simply said, these are our emotions and their control over our lives. Because actually no matter how smart you are, if you can’t master your emotions properly or use them in the right way, what is the use of being smart?


There are not few examples of people with great knowledge and very high IQ and at the same time no job or lowly-paid one, dissatisfied with life and the world around them. But how is this possible when according to the scale of being smart and stupid, they should be very successful? So we cannot but cast doubt on these figures and tests or rather break the idea of what determines whether someone is smart or not and what makes them successful …

And here it is – emotional intelligence, it sounds kind of feminine, yet emotions are reserved for women and there is no woman who does not know how difficult it is to keep cool at times under the pressure of hormones, anger, female madness, but we have to take control because it determines the way people see us.

Some call it intuition, some call it acting, others – a problem … but in fact, emotions are the most real and living thing that defines us as personalities, regardless of everything and everyone. And the faster we accept and understand that they are not our enemy but a good friend, the more quickly our emotional intelligence will increase and consequently we will shorten the path to success, which is inevitable when one is in harmony with themselves and others, and that means to be in harmony with one’s emotions.

So for the last few years I have known how important emotional intelligence is and it is not that I control my emotions, I am far from good at that, but I control myself because I know that it’s okay to give in to this or that feeling as long as I manage to differentiate it and focus it in the right direction.


Every woman is an element but she should not be afraid of it, she has to harness it in a furious chariot on the way to the top. As the dimensions of this top are determined by herself- be it career, family, children, a trip or whatever she wants. She only needs to make a wish and not be afraid that she might make a mistake. It is even better to make a mistake several times, but not to stop, never to stop.

In this world of technology and busy people dependent on numbers that define how successful we are, in terms of salary,  horsepower, IQ and so on, we must find the path to true success, which is overcoming ourselves . Overcoming oneself means to know and accept ourselves, regardless of the numbers, but in harmony with our emotions because it is them that make us alive, real and successful!

Anna Palazova


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