The source of female power


The source of female power “- this is the title of the book that I was recommended to me not in a typical setting, different from a bookstore, a ladies meeting, an article or book reading.

The person who recommended it was a doctor from whom I went to because of a problem with my bones. She told me “find this book, read it and you will understand why” and she even put down the title and writer- Larissa Renard on a piece of paper and she gave it to me along with a prescription for a drug. I think I gave her quite a sceptical look, but out of respect I put it in my purse, thanked her and went out, and in just five minutes I forgot about it.

Of course, I bought my medications, my pain disappeared and I was carefree for a long time, until the next time it started. While rummaging in my bag to find a recipe for a new dose of pills, that slip of paper with the name of the book came out. I do not know whether it hurt mu much, or I was emotional but I decided to check out the name in Google, I read the review and on the way to the pharmacy I bought the book.

Well, at least would read something new I said, because I do not have time to read, and now that would be as medical advice. And still biased without any expectations I read it.

I admit that on the first reading I did not understand much – a typical story of a girl looking for herself who is getting to know the world and men through the advice of her experienced aunt, following rather strange mantras and rituals, self affirmations and so on… And after reading I said- why do I listen to people –what has this to do with my health?

Anyway, I am conscientious, I read all useful tips, listen to authorities and believe blindly in articles with more likes – and the book was one of them.


One day, after some more time, I saw a handsome man in a cafe and I really wanted him to notice me when I remembered one of the aunt’s pieces of advice – stare at someone for seven seconds while putting your whole being into this look, and do not move your eyes under no circumstances. And with a playful smile I stared at the man and stubbornly waited 7 seconds … and he turned and smiled back at me … then I saw that opposite me there was a mirror and he had seen that I was staring at him.

I blushed, I turned around and ran away as fast as I could.

I told myself – what nonsense are you doing – following such advice – yeah right … But I started doubting … what if it works? Is it that easy?

I went home and started reading the book again …

Of course- a miracle did not happen, nor magic, nor wishes came true, but something changed in me. I felt thoughts, strength and energy that I never knew I had- they didn’t transform me as a Fairy godmother, nor made me more spectacular and more successful, but … this energy- I started to like it ..

Many things happened after that, not because of the reading because of me, it just winked at me in the direction …

I will not tell more about the book, it is an important part of the way, but not a panacea. It was a small opening to a new world that until then I wasn’t not fully aware of. The world in which I am a goddess, in which I can do anything, in which I control my powers and lead them in the right direction, the world of my femininity ….

I broadened my mind and since then I have been looking for more, I want more because I deserve more and not because I’m better than the others, but because in my world I’m the best!

It turned out that the most difficult was to believe in myself and to build self-confidence, but step by step that started to happen and to grow in me, to fill me in and give me faith in myself ….


Much time has passed since then, and a lot has changed in my life … The book is not a panacea, it is a small door, but to walk through the door and reach its beautiful ballroom, full of lights and applause, that are just for you, it is you that should be ready .. really ready … and again it is only you that can define the time.

I haven’t been to the doctor for two years and she will probably tell me off if I go, that I have been neglecting regular check ups for so long, but … actually on second thoughts and I haven’t been to the drugstore recently either …


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